Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xWRL 9 / 10

Chasing inspiration

As you'd expect, this documentary offers a close-up view of the different phases of the life of John Coltrane through lots of family photos and footage of his performing and through the remembrances of family and friends who loved and understood him.But what's really special is that the mix of interviews, from Sonny Rawlins to Wynton Marsalis, from Cornel West to Bill Clinton, captures how deeply Coltrane's life and art inspired people who happen to be both famous and highly articulate about how Coltrane affected them.If you're not familiar with Coltrane's music, this may be the best introduction you'll find. If you are familiar, you're still likely to learn something new, because the documtary carefully traces Coltrane's musical development. But its greatest strength is how movingly people describe their experiences of Coltrane.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 9 / 10

"His sound is the sound of life, and the sound of love". - Carlos Santana on John Coltrane

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by buff87 9 / 10

a Great film on Trane

It's a shame no footage exists of John Coltrane ever giving an interview, as that would have been a more than welcome addition to this documentary. The stats on his credits page here on IMDb doesn't even list any variety show appearances, unusual in that many of his peers would have taken the occasion for that type of exposure. As it is, actor Denzel Washington narrates what would have been Coltrane's spoken words throughout the film, taking the viewer from his early childhood to the zenith of his musical career, cut short by liver cancer at the age of forty in 1967.Offering their personal reflections and perspectives on the life and music of Coltrane are folks like Carlos Santana, Cornel West, Wynton Marsalis and John Densmore, drummer for The Doors. Densmore relates a humorous story of the time he went to a performance by Coltrane and retreated to the Men's Room numerous times because it was right next to the musician's dressing room. A chance encounter at one point left Densmore speechless and a quizzical look on Coltrane's face.Members of Coltrane's family included sons Ravi and Oran, and stepdaughter Antonia Andrews who appeared quite emotional in recounting her experiences with her father. As a testament to Coltrane's global fame as a celebrated jazz musician, Japanese memorabilia collector Yasuhiro Fujioka displayed part of his massive collection of Coltrane music and press clippings.Fans of Coltrane will undoubtedly find the documentary revealing to the extreme relative to his early heroin addiction and the spiritual awakening that occurred in 1957 after being fired from the Miles Davis Quintet for his drug use. The rest of his life became a vehicle of thanking God for his boundless talent and musical expression. Just lately I've been listening to Coltrane's music myself without attempting to analyze it the way professional musicians and historians do. In that regard, I must say that I'd have to concur with Professor Cornel West who stated at one point that at times, he's not prepared to grasp what the great Coltrane was doing with his music.

Reviewed by GManfred 9 / 10

For 'Trane

"Chasing Trane" is as comprehensive as a documentary about the short life of John Coltrane can get. Apart from his recordings, precious little exists about the life and career of arguably the best saxophone player who ever lived. This documentary traces his upbringing in the Jim Crow South to the pinnacle of his career - at which point he died of liver cancer. He was 40.The filmmakers used still shots coupled with interviews with his surviving friends, family members and admirers. He never gave an interview, and when he is quoted the voice-over is Denzel Washington. Those interviewed include Cornel West, best friend Sonny Rollins, his children and -surprise- saxophonist Bill Clinton. Testimony is given regarding his musical perspective and the impact music had on his life and the lives of others. It is extremely illuminating and insightful.I could go on and on, and suffice it to say the film is never slow or dull. It is a fast 99 minutes and it is terrific. If you are a fan of his you should go and see it. You have to.

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