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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Peter 9 / 10

Strange choices

For a low budget indie film, it's not terrible.It looks nice, considering its budget.What is readily apparent, is that it's trying to be different just to be different.It is bizarre, but not in an interesting way.The pacing is not exactly great, and the writing seems random.

Reviewed by richard_sleboe 9 / 10

Going to the dogs

I liked Bitch because the story unfolds from such a simple premise: When it all gets too much for a mother of four, she takes herself out of the equation. We don't know whether she is making a conscious choice or suffering from a rare disease of the mind. All we know is that her workaholic husband now has to do without her. It doesn't go well, at least not initially. Bitch is not the world's deepest movie, but it's an entertaining lesson about the effort it takes to keep a family together.

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